The Superspace

--- **Important Notice:** All members must be a member of this superspace. Please take the time now to follow the space as well. --- # Hi there… Welcome to the Superspace of the CTYI//Unofficial web app. If you’re reading this, let’s assume you’re a CTYIzen okay? Then you’re probably asking “But what happened to the old site?”. Excellent question! --- ### Apparently I got lazy - by Alex Killilea Once upon a dark twilight night, I found myself checking my email. I was really enjoying my evening seeing new papers coming in from [Academia](https://www.academia.edu/ "Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. The company's mission is to accelerate the world's research.") when I was stopped dead in my tracks (or on my bed). A cold chill slid up my spine causing me to twitch a little. I read the subject line that appeared in front of me again as if there had been some mistake. *Form Submission*. I didn’t know what to do. My hand hovered over the trackpad for about two minutes. I just stared at that subject line. Eventually, curiosity got the better of me (don’t forget that curiosity killed the cat). I dragged the little pointer over the email entry and click. It opened instantly, as expected. I began to read. > Hi\ > Just wanna say\ >  in the way of traditions, Rainbow Tuesday is (as of 2018 at least) a huge thing in session 2.\ > Also, a new chant was started on one of the online courses in 2020 "GHOST GANG! GHOST GANG!"\ > The book reading is also a thing and very cool\ > It would be cool to put in a list of disco songs and the things associated with them. I will help if you need.\ > \ > That's about it for now but if I can think of anything else I will tell you. Awesome blog by the way. Apart from the last five words which were very encouraging :roll_eyes:, the email was haunting. “Oh no” I thought. “The horror”! A new tradition I had to put into my so called “blog”. And a new chant? As if this wasn’t mad enough, now I had to also add a list of songs that are played at the discos (and elaborate on each one too). I’m not proud of it, but just reading that email made me feel tired, but the thoughts of actually do it all - OH NO! What you’ve failed to realise is that I’m a smart person… I must be because I attended CTYI. So what did I do? Do all that hard work? Hell no, I took the easier route of spending five days building a website, modifying it, making new logos, gathering icons from around the internet, indexing an emoji list, constructing a global support page, integrating a bunch of modules, and authoring a story instead. It’s faster, easier, and frankly more dignifying. They can spend two or so hours adding all that in… but I’m way too clever to fall for work. #### The End! --- ## So… now you know why the site looks different. It all makes perfect sense!