## Hi there… So you have some questions… that’s okay. Here is a support page on how you might answer those questions :grinning:! --- # Accounts You can easily change your **username** [>>here<<](https://app.ctyi.ie/user/account/change-username "Change Username"). **Forgot your password?** Well, you can use your email to recover it by going to [>>this page<<](https://app.ctyi.ie/user/password-recovery "Password Recovery"). If you cannot recover it using an email, please fill out [>>this contact form<<](https://donotknow.tk/contact.html "Contact Form"), and I will be in touch to try and help you with your struggle. If you don’t want the **notifications**, that’s fine. Go to [>>here<<](https://app.ctyi.ie/activity/user "Summary Emails") and select which summaries you get. Then go to [>>here<<](https://app.ctyi.ie/notification/user "Notification Emails") and choose what notifications you want. Choose wisely… Are there **tags**? Of course there are. Do you know how to add them? That’s right, just go [>>here<<](https://app.ctyi.ie/user/account/edit-settings "Tags and Topics")… good job! Just go to [>>here<<](https://app.ctyi.ie/user/account/security "Security Settings") to set whatever **restrictions** you’d like (: ! These **modules** allow you to make your account more functional. This may be useful if you represent an organization or an entity of some sort. Add modules [>>here<<](https://app.ctyi.ie/user/account/edit-modules "Add modules to your account"). > The *Gallery* module allows you to add collections of photos to your profile. This is useful for photographers or showcasing. > > The *Files* module allows you to set up a cloud system directly from your profile. This is helpful if only you will be using this cloud and you don’t want to create a whole Space for it. > > The *Link List* module gives you the ability to add a list of links into the sidebar of your profile. This is great if you’re a developer who wants to affiliate with his work. Likewise, you can create one page full of links easily using the module. > > The *Wiki* module allows you to create easy-to-complex wikis for people who wish to learn more about what you do. These are helpful if you distribute software. They support file uploading, like the *Files* module. # Privacy You can always change your privacy settings to determine who can see what. Any posts you make on your dashboard can be seen by people who follow you. And posts to spaces can only be seen to members of those spaces unless you make your post public. Public posts can be seen by anyone. By default - when you upload files to the *Files* cloud storage module, only you can see that file. You may make a file public if you wish to share it with people who follow you.